Dave Shaw

Owner/Mad Scientist

David is the owner/operator of The Northern Joinery. With his works being widely touted as functional furniture art, His contemporary unique style and ability sets The Northern Joinery apart from other conventional wood shops. Starting at a young age, David developed a passion for woodworking and he still carries that same passion and drive with him today. He is constantly looking for ways to innovate and push the boundaries of conventional furniture with unique designs, building one of a kind pieces for his clients. Never resting on past successes, you can be sure that thew best is yet to come

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Our Team


The youngest team member, Dans been a part of the team for several years. He is our go to guy for sanding and finishing. His attention to detail is unmatched, and nearly every piece that leaves our shop passes by Dans concerting eyes and touch. With a great sense of humour and ability to take a joke, Dan keeps us all amused on a daily basis. Dan enjoys weekend Camping trips with his boys


Coming from a Luthier background, Matt has some unique skillsets that he brings to the team. Being wood enthusiast, Matt has unapparelled experience with exotic species and inspires to expand our already vast offerings. Matt will often stay after hours to work on some of his custom guitars.


One of our newest team members, Ryan comes from the design industry and brings some new fresh elements to our team. Bringing his passion for design and style, Ryan is right at home with The Joinery! Ryan spends his spare time playing the drums and searching for new music


The second longest standing employee, Chris is a well-rounded team member. He calls himself “a Jack of all Trades, Master of none” But we think he’s mastered a few. He is a husband and father of two girls and is a great role model (except for the offside t-shirts)


Steve has been with The Joinery since the early days. Known in the shop as “The Machine”, Steve’s “lets get it done” work ethic makes him the perfect shop lead. Don’t be fooled by his rough demeaner, He has a heart of gold. Steve loves tending to his farm and spending time in the woods hunting turkeys and game



Showroom located at: 138 Mississaga St E Orillia, Ontario, Canada

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