A Custom Island for Anitta and John

In 2019, local entrepreneurs Anitta Hamming and John Menear co-founded Creative Nomad Studios, a co-work space designed to bring together and support the ‘creative nomads’, entrepreneurs and innovators in and around the Orillia area. Since they opened, our team at The Northern Joinery has had the pleasure of working with Creative Nomad Studios on a number of high profile and really cool projects. So we were excited to create something unique and a little more personal when we were asked to build a custom island for Anitta and John in their home.  

The Requirements

As always, Anitta and John knew exactly what they wanted: a kitchen island that fit the decor, added counter space, and provided storage. A seemingly simple request. But given their knowledge of David’s ability to build creative, multi-purpose pieces, they also asked for something more. John and Anitta wanted David to make them an island that could also serve as a comfortable and refined dining space, but only when needed.  

A beautiful live edge extension extends to add depth and character to the island.

The End Result

John and Anitta were blown away when David and the Northern Joinery team returned with the island. A beautiful live edge section of wood was nestled between a concrete counter top and a cabinet base. When needed, the live edge swivels out to sit perpendicular to the island, fully supported as a table. When not in use, the table tucks back into the island leaving part of the live edge available as a decorative and functional extension of the island. 

On the kitchen side, a set of wooden doors roll open inside the island cavity giving John and Anitta access to ample storage without impinging on the kitchen. Creative and beautiful, the island is another fabulous piece of functional art. Click HERE to see a full 360 degree view of the island on Instagram.

Anitta and John say their new island absolutely exceeds their expectations. “We have never been disappointed. Everything Dave has ever done for us has been amazing. Consistently amazing.”

As an indication of the trust that has been built with this couple, John has asked David to refurbish the wooden dashboard on his beloved Morgan car.  We can’t wait to see the results of that collaboration.    

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