A Custom Table for Gabby Reece

When Gabby Reece reached out to us, she knew exactly what she wanted us to build for her.  A  world class athlete, actress, author, podcaster, wife and mother, Gabby acknowledged that “I have had this table in my mind for a few years”. Our ability to work effectively with resin was what first drew Gabby to The Northern Joinery via Instagram. Once she found us, she became equally impressed with our deep craftsmanship and abilities with wood. In no time we were working together to create a custom dining table that would serve as a gathering place for family and friends of Gabby Reece and her husband, professional surfer, Laird Hamilton

Using Gabby’s original vision for the table, we presented a number of options to Gabby and Laird for their consideration. In the end, they chose a mappa burl, white resin combination for their 12 ft long by 44 inch wide table. Over 122 litres of resin was used to create this beautiful table that is reminiscent of an ocean shore line. The dual bases, affectionately known as the “twisted sisters” by the crew in the shop are made completely out of walnut and pay tribute to Laird’s career as the greatest big wave surfer of all time. 

"You did it better than I had it in my mind"
Gabby Reece
Olympic Athlete, Podcaster, Author

There is no doubt that this couple appreciated the collaborative design process we use at The Northern Joinery and, collectively, we created a stunning piece of functional art.  For Gabby and Laird, the table enjoys a special location in their home and serves as a place where stories are told and memories with family and friends are made. It also is where Gabby records her Podcast, click HERE for her latest episodes or HERE to follow her in Instagram. We’ve used the images of Gabby and Laird at their Northern Joinery table with Gabby’s permission. 

A custom table for Gabby Reese and Laird Hamilton

We enjoyed working with Gabby and Laird and were very happy to feature the creation of their table in Episode 3 of our Northern Joinery Web Series. Click on the image below to watch the entire episode.  If you have an idea for a custom piece you would like us to help with, please contact us.

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Since we posted this story, Gabby has asked us to build her another table. Gabby and Laird have built a special office for Gabby’s podcasts and she needs a new desk. Naturally, she wants a Northern Joinery table to sit at when she works. Stay tuned for more information on the new table. 

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