A Fantasy World for Jack & Maddy’s

Sometimes the meaning of “functional art” might not be immediately obvious to everyone. To us, functional art is a one-of-a-kind beautiful creation that serves a purpose. Unlike art that might be admired while hanging on a wall or sitting on a self, functional art is admired while it is being used. The fantasy world we created for Jack and Maddy‘s store in downtown Orillia is a great piece of functional art. It’s a fairy treehouse and mermaid pond but it’s also the checkout desk where the store conducts a majority of its business. 

About Jack & Maddy

Located directly across the street from our Maker’s Market, Jack and Maddy is an independent toy store with a focus on fun and learning. Jack and Maddy strives to provide every guest with the opportunity to experience something new and unexpected with each visit. Given that objective, the mother-daughter duo that own and manage Jack and Maddy’s took advantage of the need for a new checkout desk to try to create something whimsical that would enhance their customer’s in-store experience. Knowing they wanted wood, fairies and more than a little creativity, they came straight to The Northern Joinery for help. 

We have the most unique piece of functional art in the city!
Manager, Jack & Maddy

The Challenge

Yvonne, the owner of Jack & Maddy’s gave David some general ideas to run with. The world she described was interactive and engaging. She wanted it to capture children’s imaginations, create a safe place to play, and be fun for everyone. Last but not least, she also needed a spacious and organized counter to serve customers. That was all the detail she provided. Yvonne’s daughter Megan, an early childhood educator who manages the store, said that was intentional. “We wanted to leave it to Dave and his team to do what they are good at. They are so creative, we didn’t want to hamper their skills in any way. We knew they understood what we wanted and we couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with”.  

When the counter was ready, the team from The Northern Joinery installed it in under two hours with no disruption whatsoever to the business. Megan says it was “like Lego the way it was all planned out and fit together perfectly”. For customers, the new counter simply appeared one day like magic. For a quick look at the entire counter, please click HERE

The End Result

The new counter is more than Yvonne and Megan had imagined. The little doors they wanted open to a scene that Megan changes regularly. Each time they come to the store, children can peak inside to discover something new. Customers of all ages marvel at the counter and Megan admits that many people simply ask “did Dave do this”? 

A very welcome addition to the store, the counter has expanded the store’s ability to provide a safe place to play and it has helped strengthen the Jack & Maddy community. If you have seen it, you know. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a trip to experience it in person. You can find Jack & Maddy at 143 Mississauga Street East, Orillia ON L3V 1V6