From the VERY beginning, David’s creations have been in high demand. His first woodworking project – a roll-top bread box for his mom, was purchased by a family friend before it was finished. 

David’s incredible creations continue to be highly sought after by neighbours, designers and celebrities and his one-of-a-kind creations are shipped all over the world. 

To keep up with demand, David has assembled a team of equally skilled artists whose blended creativity generates amazing pieces of functional art. When their skill is combined with a collaborative design process, customers get everything they want, and more. 

Our Approach

As functional artists, we want each piece we create to be incredible. We strive to make each item we build stunning and useful. 

To achieve this, we listen when our customers tell us what they want. Then we apply our ideas and experience to design something completely unique. 

We provide our clients with regular progress reports to make sure the intended piece fits their needs. We also incorporate  suggestions or ideas from clients wherever we can. 

Once we know exactly what you like, we try to leave at least one surprise that we know you will LOVE for the end. 

The Northern Joinery Web Series

Interested in how we create our pieces? In 2020, we put together an eight-part web series that gives you a behind the scenes look at our work. From tree to table, every piece we create is 100% unique. Thanks to our friends at Knight Vision Media for putting this series of videos together. They did a great job of capturing the camaraderie and quirky energy of our shop.  Enjoy!

David at the site of our new shop!