Raising the Bar at Creative Nomad Studios

Ever wonder what happens when an artist works for an artist? The results are spectacular. That may explain why Anitta Hamming, business coach, public speaker, co-founder of Creative Nomad Studios, and celebrated fine artist continues to return time and time again to The Northern Joinery.  On this effort, our team thoroughly enjoyed ‘raising the bar’ for Creative Nomad Studios with pieces of incredible functional art to support their business and enhance their space. 

About Creative Nomad Studios

Founded in 2019, Creative Nomad Studios provides a spacious and well equipped co-work environment for local entrepreneurs. Membership in the Studio offers small businesses and creatives a wide range of services such as office space, professional meeting rooms, package drop off, and professional development programs. Creative Nomad Studios also extends an opportunity for entrepreneurs to become part of a vibrant, innovative and synergistic community. 

Open, airy and central, Creative Nomad Studios is home to one of the most visually appealing event spaces in Orillia. Original exposed brick and beam architecture combine with large windows, high ceilings and wood support pillars to deliver a highly sought after industrial and stylish space.  

The Challenge

Given the dual function of the building, Anitta asked for a reception desk that was functional, accessible and professional during the day yet “chic and cool” enough to serve as a bar for weddings and events. Anitta wanted the reception area to include subtle branding and complementary lightingOther areas of the Studio also needed some finishing touches, and Anitta asked our team to find a creative way to finish the window ledges on the second floor.

As a business for creatives, it was important that the combination reception desk, bar and light fixture stand out as a statement piece. Since the Studio was located in an historic renovation, Anitta wanted the design to incorporate a number of charred beams that had been uncovered during the demolition phase of the renovation. 

His vision goes so far beyond what you can imagine. Dave is a creator, he is a visionary. No, he's a visionary on steroids and he creates things you would never, ever think of.
Anitta Hamming
Artist & Co-Founder, Creative Nomad Studios

The End Result

Yet again, David demonstrated his ability to interpret a vision in a uniquely creative way. The desk, with its gorgeous floating live edge counter, serves as a spectacular reception for professionals conducting business from the Studio. At weddings and events, the bar stands out as a stunning piece that draws friends and colleagues together. 

Constructed using the charred beams from the renovation and floating above the reception desk, the light fixture draws attention to the spacious nature of the studio and pays tribute to the history of the building with a visual reminder of the 1941 fire in what was then The Orillia Hardware Company. A section of slightly charred wood on the desk provides a muted background for the Studio’s logo and strengthens the connection between the desk and the light fixture. 

Together, the desk and the light are always a talking point and feature for the Studio.  

The team from The Northern Joinery used the remainder of the burned beams to create waterfall live edge window ledges adding another subtle but cool and creative touch to the space. 

Anitta is delighted. “It’s not often you find someone who can deliver just what you ask for with quality workmanship at a reasonable cost. Dave is truly unique in his ability to provide all three, every time. And it’s not just Dave. Every one of his team had their hands on our products. They are all very skilled and you can see the benefit of their collaboration.”

Please click on the videos below if you would like to see The Northern Joinery team in action as they create functional art for Creative Nomad Studios. For more videos of The Northern Joinery Team, visit our web series playlist. Please click HERE to view. 

Creating the Creative Nomad Studio Logo

As a creative, Anitta appreciates the design but as a business owner she appreciates the value. The combination is what likely encouraged her to ask David and the Northern Joinery team to help with her next project – a new island in the home she shares with her husband John Menear. Click HERE to see the story.